Best Product To Clean Interior Of Car

Here you will find a detailed review of the Best Product To Clean Interior Of Car. This guide will also help you in choosing the Best Product To Clean Interior Of Car.

There are few groups out there that are as complex and as diverse as the car community. There are differences between car cultures, and external observers may lump us all into the same basket, but insiders will be aware of the differences. 

This is the reason why you will often find me arguing with you over what on the surface seems to be an insignificant detail. The pride and satisfaction that is gained from having a freshly cleaned interior is something we can all agree on. 

It does not matter how many miles the car has accumulated, how many stray spark plugs it has, or how much the engine is backfiring, if it has a clean cabin we can escape into the enigma of any car.  

If you’re trying to clean the interior of your house, there is no shortage of products that can help. Finding the right product can be quite a tricky job since there are so many choices. 

There’s no telling whether those seats are leather or cloth, but we are sure there are plenty of surfaces that can collect dust and dirt, such as the dashboard, the steering wheel, and numerous other surfaces. We figured out what better way to clean your car’s interior than to find out exactly what product to use.

1. Griot’s Garage 10956 Interior Cleaner 22oz

Griot's Garage 10956 Interior Cleaner 22oz
  • Surface Recommendation Leather, Plastic, Fabric
  • Specific Uses For Product Floor
  • Brand Griot’s Garage
  • Scent Unscented 
  • Item Form Spray, Wipe

Bought a gallon of interior cleaner before ever using any Griot’s product and thought I would regret it. Immediately after using it, I changed my mind. It is a very good cleaner that does not cause any fading or discoloration on anything that it is used on. Ever since I began using this cleaner, I have also started purchasing other products by Griots.

More About Griots Garage 10956 Interior Cleaner

  • Using minimal effort, clean all types of surfaces and materials inside the house from the wallpaper to the carpet, quickly and successfully.
  • The definition of clean simply means that it is clean. The Interior Cleaner will not leave behind any greasy residue and will not attract any more dust and dirt to it.
  • There are no dyes or additives that could cause discoloration of your interior. Even the lightest colored interior will not be affected by using Interior Cleaner.
  • A vinyl and rubber dressing creates a smooth satin finish on interior trim while leaving a UV protective coating behind that can be used to protect it against the sun.
  • The carpet, headliner, and floor coverings can be cleaned quickly and safely with minimal effort.
  • Interior Cleaner gives your furniture a clean, odorless look that not only gets rid of dirt, but will not attract dust or other debris. Because this product does not contain dyes or scents, it is only providing the best clean it can and is not trying to disguise anything.


  • The spray nozzle is adjustable and the bottle is of good size. It can be adjusted according to your requirements.
  • It is Great for all interior plastics and vinyl but works well on a variety of surfaces.
  • As described, it cleans. It works well for basic dirt, grime, and smudges.
  • The drying process is clear and invisible.


  • The cost of this cleaner is a bit higher than that of other cleaners that are similar

2. Adam’s Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant (16oz) – Car Interior Quick Detailer & SiO2 Protection

Adam’s Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant (16oz) - Car Interior Quick Detailer & SiO2 Protection
  • Surface Recommendation Fabric, Plastic, Glass, Rubber, Door, Wood
  • Specific Uses For Product Wheel, Floor, Rug, Upholstery, Carpet, Door
  • Brand Adam’s Polishes
  • Scent Maine Blueberry
  • Item Weight 16 Ounces

“My favorite spray is this one. I have found it to be a great product for cleaning and protecting the interior of my new car, and it even removed the streaks left by those awful armor all wipes. My first attempt with it was on the windows of my car, but I’ve used it a lot on the various surfaces inside my vehicle as well, such as the dash, the steering wheel, and the door panels. Despite the strong smell, I did not mind it at all, it dissipates quickly and is light. The product is one I would not hesitate to buy again.”

More About Best Product To Clean Interior Of Car

  • It has been claimed that Adam’s Total Interior Cleaner really is the jack of all trades, given that it can literally be used to clean every interior surface of the vehicle, such as glass, navigation screens, leather, carpet, and upholstery.
  • It is important to note that despite the fact that this product does not contain silicone or polymers, the amount of residue that is left behind will not leave you with a sticky, greasy, or glossy finish. As soon as the spray is applied, the hard surfaces will be left with their original matte appearance and will look brand new.
  • In order to use this product, you need to follow a few simple steps. Using this liquid, like Noam, there is barely any cleaning agent involved, so it cuts through dirt and grime with lesser effort and it provides cleaner cleaning power than Adam’s Interior Detailer® with Microban®, not to mention that it can even be used on textiles to pull out stains, dirt, and grime.
  • One of the only products on the market that can clean and protect all interior components of your car, such as plastics, vinyl, leather, rubber, metal, glass, plastic lenses, and all interior electronic devices!


  • Just clean, nothing slick or glossy.
  • The matte finish is nice and clean, and I love it!
  • There is only a small time investment involved in applying.
  • Clean the doors with a cleaner


  • I sprayed it in plastic and covered it with a sheet


  • All In One Interior Car Cleaning Formula

    This advanced ceramic coating technology infused with SiO2 cleans, conditions, and protects the skin. Protects against anti-static dust buildup and contains UV blocking agents, odor neutralizers, & odor neutralizers.
  • Anti-Static | Uv Protection | Air Freshener | Cleaner | Restorer

    In addition to cleaning and protecting frequently touched surfaces including electronics, steering wheels, door panels, handles, shifters, touch screen displays, radio/stereos, cup holders, dashboards, rubber, vinyl, flooring, glass, cloth, plastic, and some upholstery & fabric seats, Total Interior Cleaner & Protectant is suitable for carpeted, vinyl, and rubber floors as well as interior woodwork, mirrors, and other fixtures
  • Stay Protected After Each Use

    The sun constantly bombards the dashboard accessories, seats, and leather of your car, causing them to lose their factory finish and accelerate aging! In addition to protecting against the harmful effects of UV rays, ceramic SiO2 UV protection makes future cleanups easier.
  • Multi-Surface Cleaning Dirt, Grime, Dust, & Body Oils

    You will have more time to enjoy driving behind the wheel with quick and easy interior detailing! Get rid of unwanted dust, oils, and grime by using our convenient and easy-to-use interior detailing service. You can restore the look of your interior surfaces back to OEM factory standards using Adam’s Total Interior Cleaner.
  • 110% Satisfaction Guarantee & USA Made

    Adam’s strives to provide the best car care supplies, detailing kits, washing accessories, mops, brushes, mitts, sponges, garage tools, applicators, waxes, sealants, ceramic coatings, as well as other high-quality car care products. Let us know if you are not satisfied with what we’ve done and we’ll do everything we can to remedy the situation.

3. CAR GUYS Detailing Super Cleaner – Effective Interior Car Cleaner

CAR GUYS Detailing Super Cleaner - Effective Interior Car Cleaner
  • Surface Recommendation Floor, Upholstery, Carpet, Fabric, Door
  • Specific Uses For Product Upholstery, Carpet
  • Brand CAR GUYS
  • Item Form Spray
  • Item Weight 18 Ounces

“Excellent product. I was able to save a great deal of plastic. When I purchased a new Honda Pilot, I was able to save a great deal of plastic. In the beginning of the purchase, I bought the sealant for the paint. Since I did not read the instructions, I did not bother to read them, and I applied it to all black plastics as well. Despite applying alcohol to remove it, even that couldn’t remove the severe white haze swirling caused by it. Even washing and scrubbing with soap were not able to remove it. Take a look at the pictures below. I used a non abrasive scrubber to scrub the sealer away and then wiped it off with a cloth. With the cleaner, the sealer was completely removed from the plastics. This is something to behold. Thank you so much! You guys did a great job with restoring my plastic parts. Thanks a lot!”

More About Effective Interior Car Cleaner

  • For lightly soiled surfaces, such as dusty dashboards and delicate center consoles: Spray directly into a microfiber towel that has been lightly steamed and gently wipe, working your way towards the center of the product. Once the towel is dry, flip it over and towel it again.
  • The following instructions are meant to be followed when cleaning more heavily soiled surfaces, such as seats or carpet stains: You should use a working towel or brush to agitate, and a separate towel to dry. I highly recommend you spray the product directly onto the surface you are cleaning and use a working towel or brush to agitate it. When the surface is clean and completely dry, wipe off any other dirt suds with your finishing trowel.
  • It is recommended that after you have cleaned the surface, you seal and protect it with a UV shield to prevent heat build-up.


  • I always had a hard time cleaning it, scrubbing it
  • The best way to clean minor stains is to use a damp cloth
  • We have a beautiful Italian leather couch and loveseat.
  • This product is perfect for all surfaces of the car, from the floor to the seats.
  • I don’t think there is anything wrong with the smell. 
  • I agree, it is a little pricey, but very worthwhile.


  • My dashboard sometimes felt sticky.


  • The Hype is Real!

    Have trouble finding a cleaner that works, but doesn’t deliver the results you expected? We have the solution for you! Multisurface cleaner, which uses nanotechnology to effectively lift dirt and grime off surfaces, is formulated with the latest advances in nanotechnology. We are here to help you save your time and energy by using the latest technology and science.
  • Replace your Cabinet of Chemicals!

    Having to choose among so many cleaning supplies is confusing, do you find? You may quickly become frustrated. You have to clean your car after every time you visit a repair shop, use a chemical solvent to remove bugs and tar from the outside, use a carpet cleaner to clean your car’s carpet, have a separate floor mat, and clean your dash. and the list goes on and on! Keep it simple with one multipurpose product, CarGuys Super Cleaner… one of the most important cleaning products around!
  • Super Clean any Surface!

    Glass and delicate instrument panels are the only surfaces that this product cannot be used on! In other words, this ONE PRODUCT cleans everything from upholstery to canvas to leather to vinyl, plastic to rubber, to bird droppings, grease, tree sap, to metals and wood trim, and so much more! There has never been a multi-purpose cleaner like this one!
  • Why choose CAR GUYS?

    We do our very best to produce the best work!  We have made sure to supply our customers with the most advanced products made with the most advanced and advanced equipment that is available. In this way, we are able to make products that always work perfectly and are consistently high quality! There are only a few formulas we make in the U.S.A., and they are mixed and bottled by hard-working American workers!
  • We Care About Customer Satisfaction!

    Our Happiness Depends on Your Happiness! Get in touch with CAR GUYS at any time after your purchase if you’re unhappy with our product, and we’ll provide a full refund. Let’s get started! To order, simply press ‘Add to Cart.

4. Chemical Guys SPI_109 Chemical Guys SPI_109_16 Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner Kit for Use on Car Interiors

Chemical Guys SPI_109 Chemical Guys SPI_109_16 Leather Cleaner and Leather Conditioner Kit for Use on Car Interiors
  • Brand Chemical Guys
  • Manufacturer ‎Chemical Guys
  • Model ‎SPI_109_04
  • Item Weight ‎10.4 ounces
  • Product Dimensions ‎6.69 x 4.09 x 1.89 inches
  • b ‎USA

“This is awesome! The seats were so dirty that I had no idea they were this dirty. Thru a shoe polish section in the shoe shop, I got a horsehair brush for half the price of the set. Besides its wonderful performance, I am really fond of the scent of this leather conditioner.

The most important thing to remember is to be patient. To remove dirt before it dries, you have to clean the area in small sections. This may mean going over the area two or three times.

The only thing I don’t like about it is that it takes a long time to do (small sections and some of them twice), but when it is done, it works, so unless I want to pay to have it performed professionally, this is what I have to do.”

More About Chemical Guys SPI_109 Interior Cleaner

  • With Chemical Guys’ newest Leather Cleaner & Conditioner, SPI_109, keep your leather soft and supple. With Chemical Guys’ highest quality leather cleaner, you will be able to maintain your leather, furniture, and apparel.
  • Simple, Fast, and Easy: Spray and wipe on leather surfaces for immediate cleaning and conditioning, with no need for rinsing.
  • The following list contains specialized cleaners and conditioners for the cleaning and conditioning of all types of leather, including automotive, furniture, shoes, handbags, luggage, jackets, and clothing
  • Provides a lasting, supple finish to leather, as well as protects it from further damage
  • Using this unique formula, you will never have to worry about streaks or smears when applying it


  • Almost as if it were a brand new car, it smells so good.
  • Black leather seats are made better with this stuff 
  • The leather on the top of the truck looks great
  • Taking things too far is easy


  • Nope, it’s only a stain now. I thought the conditioner would dry.


  • It’s Not Just For Car Seats & Interiors

    This kit works on all things leather – seats, interiors, jackets, shoes, sneakers, boots, sofas and more; Everyone has something leather in their home, therefore this kit is a “must buy”
  • Treat Your Leather Like Your Hair & Skin

    All of us regularly wash and condition our hair and skin, and we use conditioners and lotions to keep our skin hydrated and fresh; this kit does the same thing for our leather products, as well as keeping them sparkling and new-looking
  • Ph Balanced

    It penetrates the pores of the leather to lift and suspend dirt and oils to ensure maximum cleaning efficiency. It is pH balanced for the best cleaning and preservation of leather’s durability and appearance.
  • Fast, Easy & Fun

    Even though cleaning doesn’t “feel like fun”, it can be more enjoyable if you use products that make it easy and quick. Neither product leaves a residue, nor will they degrade fibers like soaps, and both are extremely easy to use
  • Keep Your Leather Looking & Smelling New

    Unlike leather soaps, leather cleaners are colorless and odorless and penetrate the pores of your leather to remove dirt and oil whereas leather conditioners contain Vitamin E to nourish your leather and reduce UV damage, which is found in leather conditioners that have a subtle leather scent.
  • A Little Bit Goes A Long Way

    The chemicals in this kit are formulated to get a lot of use out of each bottle since Chemical Guys has been making products for professional detailers for years
  • Satisfaction Guaranteed

    Our customers love our products. Our products are fantastic, and we want to ensure that you love them too. Contact one of our friendly and knowledgeable customer service representatives if you have any questions or concerns about this amazing kit.

5. SHINE ARMOR Car Interior Cleaner for Vehicle Detailing & Restoration

SHINE ARMOR Car Interior Cleaner for Vehicle Detailing & Restoration
  • Surface Recommendation Upholstery, Door
  • Specific Uses For Product Automotive Interior
  • Scent Lemon
  • Item Form Spray, Wipe

“For a long time, I have been searching for a high-quality product at an affordable price that actually delivers the benefits it is advertised to deliver. All three vehicles were cleaned right away with the bottle of interior cleaner that I purchased. Following the cleaning, I informed my fiancée that her vehicle had been cleaned. When my wife saw her dash and seats, and she was really picky about how her car should be cleaned, she went, “Wow! ” I believe that the product did a good job. Happy “wife” happy life.”

More about SHINE ARMOR Car Interior Cleaner

  • Cleans all types of interior surfaces including leather, plastic, vinyl, and upholstery. Save money on vehicle detailing & restoration with SHINE ARMOR Car Interior Cleaner.
  • In order to effectively clean the interiors of vehicles, we recommend using SHINE ARMOR Car Interior Cleaner. We have specifically formulated this product to be safe and effective on a variety of interior car surfaces, including leather surfaces as well as vinyl, plastic cupholders, and fabrics.
  • Ensures the long-lasting beauty of car interiors by restoring and preserving the surface to its original state
  • Suitable for detailing vehicles, cleaning and restoring upholstery, auto maintenance, as well as many other uses


  • I found the product to be very easy to use and convenient in dealing with dust
  • The product is very easy to use.
  • My leather came out like a brand new one!
  • I found the entire process to be very smooth
  • There were no droplets to be seen.


  • Unfortunately, I would not recommend this product for $16.


  • Latest Nanotechnology

    Our All-Purpose Interior Cleaner Solvent, which is formulated with the latest nanotechnology, effectively removes dirt, grime, and dust from all interior car surfaces, including leather, trim, leather, carpet, vinyl, flooring, canvas, cloth, plastic, upholstery, fabric seats, and stains far more quickly and effectively than a mat carpet shampoo! It works well on your boat as well.
  • Quick & Easy

    With our interior multi-surface vehicle cleaning supplies and accessories, it’s simple to disinfect as many surfaces as you want on your vehicle. Spray our interior multi-surface cleaning supplies and accessories on a microfiber cloth, gently wipe the surface with it, then wipe residue away with a second microfiber cloth. Keep the interior looking brand new by repeating this every 4-6 weeks!
  • Advanced UV Protection

    You need to protect your dashboard, door panels, and seats from UV rays, which are liable to cause damages as well as accelerate the aging of your interior. Our multipurpose Interior Car Cleaner protectant & solvent will keep that new car smelling fresh, as well as preserve the factory finish of your car.
  • Dust Resistant

    It has anti-static properties that prevent dust from sticking to your interior due to the use of our new, advanced formula, all-purpose auto interior cleaner kit. Using some basic cleaning steps, you can remove the dust from the dash, the navigation screen, and everything else on your car! Using this method, you can also remove deep stains from the interior!

6. Adam’s Leather Care Kit – Leather Cleaner & Leather Conditioner Car Cleaning Supplies

Adam’s Leather Care Kit - Leather Cleaner & Leather Conditioner Car Cleaning Supplies
  • Manufacturer ‎Adam’s Polishes
  • Brand ‎Adam’s Polishes
  • Item Weight ‎2.25 pounds
  • Package Dimensions ‎9.3 x 4.6 x 2.6 inches

“My Alfa Romeo Quadrifoglio has been cleaned with several different leather cleaners and I think I’ll stick to Adams! Not only does it work well, but it’s also very easy to use. My new Italian car has become the talk of the town, thanks to the Adams Leather Conditioner. It has an exquisite leather scent, keeping the car smelling like when I first picked it up. My favorite is that it isn’t greasy or sticky and that it offers UV protection. I also use it on my Alcantara leather jackets, highly recommended.”

More About Adam’s Leather Care Kit Interior Cleaner

  • You must clean leather thoroughly with an effective cleaner before you can properly nourish and protect it. The super cleaning formula in this formula is suitable for use on a variety of surfaces, ranging from wood and steel to leather.
  • In order to maintain leather’s beauty, it is imperative to clean and condition it according to the manufacturer’s instructions. In addition to drying out, cracking, and fading, leather that is not properly cared for will shine and flash due to oils and greasy contamination.
  • When used regularly, our Leather Conditioner restores the essential nutrients in leather, such as Vitamin E, that are removed from your leather by harsh elements like the sun. Adam’s Leather Conditioner is the perfect way to protect your dash, door panels, and any other hard surfaces within the interior of your vehicle.
  • Adam’s Leather Care Kit preserves your interior as well as restores old leather seating surfaces. With its micellular formula, Leather Cleaner easily removes stubborn dirt and stains. In addition to restoring and protecting your leather after it has been cleaned, Leather Conditioner also contains UV blocking agents in order to prevent it from becoming dry and discolored.
  • In order to keep the inside of your vehicle clean and protected for as long as possible, you must take special care of it. It is unfortunate, but most people are unaware of the harm harsh detergents can do to leather, vinyl, and textured plastic, which is why they use these products. A hard cleaning solution will strip the gloss off fine interior finishes by removing the color and removing the sheen from the finish. 
  • A very strong & effective all-purpose cleaner for all types of surfaces, Adam’s Leather & Interior Cleaner is designed specifically for the cleaning of leather surfaces. This powerful yet gentle formula helps provide lifetime protection that includes removing dirt, grime, mildew, scuffs, stains, and even weeds from leather seats. Blue jeans are common on vintage tanned leather seats as well as modern factory-coated leather seats. The installation process is very straightforward.


  • Maintains the leather’s plushness and cleanliness
  • I love the look, feel, and smell of my leather.
  • It keeps the seat looking new and has a pleasant scent.
  • Using this product is easy and it works well.


  • A package that is sealed is leaking.


  • Easily Wipe Contaminants Without Harming Leather

    You might be looking for a leather care kit that will restore your leather back to its former glory and help you return it to the original look that it used to have when you first purchased your car? Sadly, this kit won’t do any good, as it will not be able to remove oils from your leather and replace the moisture it lost to the leather conditioner.

    This kit contains a 16 oz bottle of Adam’s Leather Interior Cleaner bundled with our 16 oz Leather Conditioner. When it arrives at your doorstep, you can expect to receive one of the items pictured above. It is important to allow your leather surfaces to dry thoroughly after using Adam’s New Leather & Interior Cleaner. Afterward, treat the leather surfaces with Adam’s Leather Conditioner. It conditions interior surfaces such as the dash, door panels, and leather seats.

    The UV UV protection coat provides superior UV protection for your dash, door panels, and any other hard surface in your car’s interior. Additionally, natural leather hides and synthetic materials, as well as natural or tanned leather, can benefit from this product because it prevents them from drying out, cracking, and fading from regular wear and tear. Maintain the interior of your car in top condition for the lifetime of the car by using Adam’s Leather Conditioner at least 3-4 times a season.

    Adam’s Deep Clean Eraser is a unique formula because it can be gently wiped into plastic or leather surfaces without removing any dirt from the surface. It also requires no rinsing afterward, unlike other strong cleaners. This mild, yet powerful product is capable of cleaning jeans stains, pet stains, and more, and is gentle enough to keep the leather, vinyl, or plastics of any interior clean and safe.

    The honest and reliable name in car cleaning products, Adam’s, is determined to bring you the highest quality car cleaning supplies, auto detailing kits, washing accessories, microfiber towels, cloths or rags, waxes, sealants, ceramic coatings, mops, brushes, sponges, garage tools, applicators, rags, mops, brooms, mitts, and other automotive supplies. Please let us know if you are unhappy with our services, and we will do everything we can to rectify the situation.

Best Product To Clean Interior Of Car


Hopefully, our blog has helped you determine the best product to clean the interior of your car. You will be able to find the best cleaner for whatever type of upholstery you have with our help. Thank you for reading this article, we hope it helped you.
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